Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby Wednesday

Yes, I cut off my head on purpose. I didn't feel like fixing my hair :)

Things have been pretty quiet this week. Hopefully this is the last post that I will have to refer to the baby as "it". I"m really looking forward to being a little more proactive as far as preparing for the baby. Picking out colors, getting the nursery cleared out, things of that nature.

I'm not feeling any movement yet, darn it. At least not obvious, purposeful movement. A few times as I've laid down at night and pay close attention, I may feel "swooshing" or something like that, but it may be my imagination :0) So I'm not announcing it as movement until I know for sure.

I was telling someone a few weeks ago that as I was pressing my fingers into my stomach, I thought I felt little "pulsing" movements. Turns out I was pressing so hard I could feel my heartbeat in my fingers, haha. Over eager much?

So Monday is the big day, if I haven't mentioned. Monday night we're having a family get together and will announce the gender then, so all of you blog friends will have to wait 'til Tuesday! Please pray for a healthy baby... and that it will cooperate for the cameras - of course, if it's anything like it's mommy....

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