Monday, December 10, 2007


For Thanksgiving Ry and I were able to celebrate with both of our families. We had so much fun!

The feast at my parent's house

Grandma and Grandpa
Matt and BellaAnd at the Jones'
Trevor lookin' to get into mischief

Aww, Doug & JoAnn, still in love after 31 years together

Tara & I

Then the morning after Thanksgiving (yes, black Friday), Tara and I met at 3:50 am in order to get to Mervyns in time for the 4am sale. It was well worth it, 'cuz we got some great deals! And had fun together :) Here we are post-shopping grabbing some breakfast.

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Tara said...

ah yes, freezing cold weather, standing in line at 3:55am and still not being one of the first 250 inside, good times, good times. It's true though we did get some great deals and I had fun making a memory with you!! We don't look to bad either... considering :-)