Monday, October 29, 2007

The Boys

Meet my boys... the boys that I see 4 days a week, that I play with, that I love. They're very sweet, and I want to you get a glimpse of the everyday joys of being part of their lives.
Meet Gavin. He is 2 years old, and lots of fun. Generally he's very laid back, but when he's around his cousins or had too much sugar, he gets a little crazy. As you can see, he really likes cupcakes! He also loves to eat pistachios. He will hand some to me and say "aben, aben" (open). So cute! He laughs and giggles at everything, and is a very happy boy. Sweet Gavey!!

Although, he's not sweet right away....
But after a nice bottle and Dragon Tales, he's back to his normal, sweet self.

...helping NaeNae make cookiesOh, and let's not forget, climbing on things
Now meet Gavin's little brother, Dallan. Dallan is 6 months old, and is starting to do all kinds of new things, like sitting up, army crawling, and holding his own bottle (yay!). He is very into cuddling and being held.
Sleeping angel
Good morning!
Chubby cheeks

He also loves to push himself around, and being a part of all the action. And chew on his favorite toy!And, fortuately, the boys kinda like each other!
Bath time!
I love my job!!!!!

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